Volunteering & Fundraising


Volunteer Opportunities

As a non-profit organization, DFSC relies on our members to help our club succeed. Below are some examples of areas needing volunteers:

  • Club Ice
  • Test sessions 
  • Denver Invitational
  • Nominating Committee
  • High School Competition
  • Holiday on Ice Shows
  • Mile High FSA
  • Competitions
  • Showtime on Ice
  • Fundraising

As always, if you have skills not represented above we would love to hear from you!!

Volunteer Now!

Colorado Championships & US Collegiate Championships

July 28-30  
Ice Centre at the Promenade 
10710 Westminster Blvd 
Westminster, CO  80020  


"Exceptional Volunteer" Presentation at 2016 Denver FSC Awards Banquet

Ev'ry single person here could become a volunteer
Maybe you are unaware of the talent you could share​.
A quick "Hello", a friendly smile or some work that takes a while.

​But know there is a job somewhere that needs your special kind of flare​
Perhaps a quick chore for a friend ~ perhaps a cause for which you'll spend
The rest of all your live-long days- hours and hours, no pay raise
Except the knowledge your small part-time, talent, given from the heart,
Can work some miracle of grace and make this world a better place.

                ​- Poem written by ​Denver FSC Honorary Member, ​Ian Horsky 



Fundraising Opportunities

King Soopers reloadable gift cards cards are available. This is a very easy way to help earn money for the club! You may load any amount of money up to $500 on your card, then use it for all your King Soopers purchases. The card is good at all Kroger stores. King Soopers will give Denver Figure Skating Club 5% of the total purchases any time we collectively load $5000 in a four week period. These cards do not expire as long as you reload them.
Please contact Laura ElHaje for more information.

More fundraising events will be coming soon!

Past Fundraisers

"Handprints To Help" — September 2014


DFSC and South Suburban raised a total of $280.00 for Team Super Bowlen and the Alzheimer's Association! Way to go everybody! We thank you all for the support!



To View All Pictures From This Fundraiser Please Visit Our Facebook Page

On June 14, Team Showtime On Ice raised over $1000 for the Alzheimer's Association and needs help in reaching it's goal of $1600.  Please visit the team page and donate today.  Any amount is greatly appreciated.Together, we can advance research to treat, prevent and, ultimately, cure Alzheimer's, and provide programs and support to improve the lives of those affected .


Join team Showtime On Ice!
The Longest Day