Graduating Seniors

Congratulations to our Class of 2018! 

Lauren Broussely

Lauren graduated from Arapahoe High School with honors on May 24, 2018. She has been skating since 2008 and 10 years with her coach, Amy Schneider. Lauren has loved working with Amy over the years. Amy has been an amazing coach, role model and friend. Lauren has great appreciation and admiration for Amy and has enjoyed the privilege of working so closely with Amy for all those years. Lauren has participated in Showtime On Ice productions starting in 2010, when she was a white dove in “Aladdin” to 2018, when she skated in the senior number with Max Aaron. This year, Lauren also enjoyed working behind the scenes as a junior choreographer and helping with the music. Lauren has enjoyed skating and hopes to continue doing the sport she loves.


Emily Fredericksen

Emily has been skating for 12 years with DFSC and has loved to perform on the ice. She recently graduated from Rock Canyon high school and is hoping to take her skating career professional. She loves to read, write, and spend time in nature with her friends


Kaitlynn Victoria Funderburgh

Kaitlynn started skating in 2007 and has loved every single second of it aside from her injuries. Due to Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (also known as jumpers knee) in both of knees as well as multiple concussions, She is no longer able to compete anymore. Although she misses being able to skate and compete, she is trying to do as much as she can because she misses the ice and everyone here Kaitlynn graduated in May from Colorado Connections Academy and will be attending Purdue University in the Fall for an Applied Science Degree in Legal Support and Services. She will also be starting a paid internship with the court she has volunteered with and has already obtained over 200 hours!


Lauren Banko

Lauren begin skating at five years old in Corpus Christi Texas during the after skates for a minor-league hockey team. She immediately fell in love with the sport. She belonged to the San Antonio skating club. She then moved Arkansas where she joined the Diamond Edge Figure Skating Club. There she enjoyed competing at State Games of America, and ironically was judged by Gerry Lane and our frequent test judges. When she moved here to Colorado she began competing at Regionals with Tracey and Julie enjoying her own personal success of those events, She loves her skating mates and serves on the Junior Board as president. Lauren enjoys spending time with and encouraging our younger skaters to love the sport as much as she does. She looks forward to skating while at the University of Notre Dame. She plans to do some teaching, judging, and maybe one day becoming a technical specialist. She is currently a Triple Gold Medalist in MIF, freeskate and dance. She wants to thank the Denver Figure Skating Club for welcoming her just three short years ago.


Margaret "Maggie" Trout

Maggie graduated from Denver School of the Arts with a major in Stagecraft and Design. She skates at Big Bear Ice Arena. Though she began skating nine years ago, she didn’t skate consistently until this year. Luckily, she has fallen in love with skating again, as well as with ballet. She plans on attending College of William and Mary in the fall with a major in Biology and hopes to continue skating while she’s at school.

Tierra Stansbury

Tierra graduated from Cherry Creek High School and will be going to CSU in the fall. She plans to skate on their collegiate team and continue her skating.