Annual Banquet


2019 Denver FSC Annual Banquet

The Pinery Country Club
Sunday, June 30th
1pm — 5pm


"Exceptional Volunteer" Presentation at 2016 Denver FSC Awards Banquet

Ev'ry single person here could become a volunteer
Maybe you are unaware of the talent you could share​.
A quick "Hello", a friendly smile or some work that takes a while.

​But know there is a job somewhere that needs your special kind of flare​
Perhaps a quick chore for a friend ~ perhaps a cause for which you'll spend
The rest of all your live-long days- hours and hours, no pay raise
Except the knowledge your small part-time, talent, given from the heart,
Can work some miracle of grace and make this world a better place.

                ​- Poem written by ​Denver FSC Honorary Member, ​Ian Horsky 


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