Regional Team

2020 Southwestern Competitors

The 2020 Southwestern Regional Championships and 2020 Southwest Nine States will be held Oct 16-20, 2019 in Colorado Springs, CO

Qualifying* Skaters:

Emma Cumming — Novice
Ashley Chang — Juvenile
Natalie Stead- Juvenile

Non-Qualifying** Skaters:

Abigail Conaway
Addie Darr
Isaiah Darr
Ruby Gavagan
Amelia Greer
Sydney Kaulback
Evelyn Rennaker
Hannah Rozen
Hannah Shleyfer
Ariadne Sutherland
Hailey Trombley
Bryn Yahner

*Qualifying skaters are competing for the chance to qualify through the competitive structure of US Figure Skating. The levels in the qualifying structure is Juvenile through Senior.  From Southwesterns, skaters qualify to Midwestern Sectional Championships.

**Non-Qualifying skaters are competing among other skaters that are not events supported through the qualifying structure. Skaters at Open Juvenile and below, can register to compete among their peers.